Press Release 8/02/12


Brighton, MI 08/02/12

Clean Green Energy LLC “CGE” has developed an innovative vertical-axis wind turbine called WIND·e20. It is not intended for wind farms but for individual schools, office buildings, small businesses, and water treatment facilities. We’ll install WIND·e20 at the consumer’s facility at CGE’s own expense; the only cost to the consumer is purchasing the electricity produced, often at a discount to their current electricity rate.


WIND·e20 is the first wind turbine of its size class, 65kW or larger, that can be installed without any cranes and without pouring a hundred tons of CO2-producing concrete. It can be easily delivered on a standard flatbed semi-truck. It self-erects and a small, locally provided, crew can prep the site for completion of the installation in just days.

WIND·e20 features very few moving parts with all power components and controls located in the base of the tower. WIND·e20 is a sleek, pleasing to the eye, design that is safer for birds. It stands 105 feet tall.
Thanks to a patented quick-connect system, parts can be quickly removed and replaced in the event they require extensive maintenance repairs. If for any reason the blades need to be inspected, the entire turbine can be hinged down to the ground.


WIND·e20 is made out of state-of-the-art composite materials and uses electronically controlled trim flaps utilized in the aerospace industry for optimal efficiency. It has remote controlled blades that fold themselves up in dangerous, high-wind, situations. It can power a school or business without the pulsating sound emitted by other turbines.

WIND·e20 is omnidirectional meaning it is always facing the wind giving it the ability to produce electricity regardless of the wind direction.... at all times. It doesn’t matter how often the wind changes direction – WIND·e20 is always ready and able to produce electricity.

For more details about WIND·e20, including a narrated 7 minute video simulation, please visit their website

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