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It takes a forward thinking leader to operate a successful small business. You are constantly looking for ways to reduce overhead costs, brand your company within your community, and take efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.

Clean Green Energy LLC is seeking qualified small businesses to receive discounted power generated on-site.

This investment of our WIND•e20® vertical axis wind turbine is available to you at no capitol cost. We pay for all operating and maintenance expenses, and your only obligation is purchasing the power WIND•e20® produces at a discounted and fixed rate.


Benefits of WIND•e20® for Business


Lower operating costs

With WIND•e20®, your business will not only reduce your monthly energy costs, but also lock your rate for 5-year periods to allow easier budgeting of energy expenses and defend against surprise rate increases. This is a no capitol cost way to help increase your profit margins.

Positive corporate image

Having a WIND•e20® wind turbine installed at your business location not only lowers you operating costs, it also serves as a highly visible reminder to your staff and clients that you’re aware of your corporate and social responsibilities. Promote your company’s “best practices”.

We are your business partner

We are looking for well-qualified small businesses to partner with. Clean Green Energy LLC will invest our WIND•e20® wind turbine at your facility at no cost to you.

Ideal business partners:

Ideal business partners include manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, farms, office buildings, shopping centers, banks, warehousing, restaurants, retail, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

  • Operates in high wind areas
  • Pays high utility rates
  • Uses 150,000 kWh or more annually
  • Owns their building
  • Maintains a good credit rating

 We are dedicated to investing in the small business and supporting strong, local communities. Contact one of our business solutions professionals today.


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